​Radiant Dreams

Radiant Dreams holds an incredible promise as it celebrates the 2015 International Year of Light acknowledging achievements of light science and its applications, and its importance to humankind. This UV luminous installation takes you on a journey through diverse fields as each emerging young student artist collaborated in producing stories inspired by the simple beauty and complexity of nature. The collaboration between the National Pioneer Women’s Hall of Fame and Centralian Senior College which began in 2014 is further built on in Radiant Dreams and extended to also include the works of students from Centralian Middle School, Ross Park Primary School and Gillen Primary School.

The darkened space of the Old Alice Springs Gaol men’s cells reassembles the imagination of undiscovered places unbound by the subconscious mind. These places are the only means of escape for the incarcerated soul as the cell door and high walls act as a barrier to prevent a physical transformation. The black light serves up an interior of unpredictable anomalies from trees, mountainous forms, painted views to delicate lace patterns and body parts. The ambient electronic sounds echo distant desires, entangling each space in new untamed sensations.

We would like to acknowledge the work and commitment of Judith Coverdale (Visual/Creative Arts Teacher, Centralian Senior College). Special thanks also goes to Alice Springs Music Producer/Composer Erik Andersen for his experimental electronic sounds commissioned to fill the installation space and to Rosie Bennett (Gillen Primary School), Stone Lee (Centralian Middle School) and Miranda Needham (Ross Park Primary School).

Radiant Dreams is now in its last days, so if you’re in Alice Springs and haven’t yet seen this wondrous exhibition, make the time this week to come down and have a look!