Submit HerStory Form

Can you provide further information on Australian pioneering women? This information will be considered for inclusion in our Herstory Archive.

People can contribute by filling in and submitting our Tell us Her Story form. This can be picked up at the Museum or sent out to you. Alternatively you can complete the form online.


Once you submit your Tell Us Her Story form the following will happen:

  1. Anyone wishing to contribute to the HerStory Archive will be provided with a “Tell Us Her Story” form to complete.  A “Letter Acknowledging Receipt of “Tell Us Her Story” Form” is then sent to the informant.
  2. Once the completed form is returned to the Business Manager or curatorial staff at the Women’s Museum of Australia, it will be referred to the next Acquisition Committee who will assess the object according to the Museum’s Collection Policy for consideration and assessment for inclusion in the museum’s HerStory Archive.  The Acquisition Committee will also be provided with a summary description and assessment by the Business Manager or curatorial staff. The decision of the Acquisition Committee is documented.
  3. The decision of the Acquisition Committee is communicated in writing to the informant. If the woman meets the criteria of the HerStory Archive, arrangements are made for supporting documentation held by the informant to be provided to the museum. Upon receipt, curatorial staff or the Business Manager complete a “HerStory Archive” form and, along with supporting documentation, a file is made-up by the Business Manager or curatorial staff and held in the HerStory Archive (which is located in the Curator’s office). The online Archive, on the Hall of Famemuseum’s webpage, is updated.